Call of Duty: Warzone bug gives player super speed after being redeployed

What do you do when a game gives you speed hacks?

Image via Activision

Speed hacks in a first-person shooter are definitely a bannable offense. But what happens when a bug is responsible for giving you them?

One Call of Duty: Warzone player was given the superpower due to a glitch, posting video evidence last night. The bug allowed the player to move incredibly fast and was reminiscent of speed hacks that often plague FPS titles.

It’s unclear what caused the super speed bug to happen, but it began after the affected player was redeployed from a Buy Station. Once the player landed, they immediately started bounding across Verdansk’s fields at lightning speed. It appears that all other interactions, such as picking up weapons and shooting targets, still worked as normal.

The player was eventually gunned down by an enemy team, proving that they are human like the rest of us.

Another player offered a potential suggestion for fixing the glitch in-game.

“We got this bug yesterday and teammate noticed he could do much as for interacting and looting,” the player said. “When I walked up to him it gave [sic] me the option to revive him so I did and he was back to normal.”

Infinity Ward hasn’t addressed the bug yet on the Modern Warfare Trello board. If the bug continues to be an issue, however, it’ll likely be fixed in the next patch.