Call of Duty: Warzone bug allows players to duplicate Juggernaut drops

Don't be surprised to see multiple Juggernauts in your next match.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players are experiencing a new glitch that allows teams to duplicate Juggernaut drops. This lets teams potentially have four Juggernauts at once, which is almost impossible to counter. 

Juggernaut drops are one of the strongest drops available in Warzone. This upgrade allows a lucky player to use the Juggernaut suit that significantly increases their health and makes it nearly impossible to die. They also gain access to the minigun, which can quickly eliminate players and vehicles. 

The new glitch allows players to duplicate the Juggernaut drop, allowing entire teams to be equipped with Juggernaut suits. Completing the glitch is simple as players only need a Juggernaut drop and killstreak.

Players must swap between the two items, and with the proper timing, the Juggernaut drop will duplicate instead of being replaced. This can be tricky to master, but with enough practice, players can easily replicate the bug. 

Warzone players have reported teams with multiple Juggernauts in their matches that make it incredibly difficult to survive. One player encountered a full team of Juggernauts, and another encountered nine Juggernauts in one of the final circles. 

This is a significant problem in Warzone and ruins the pace and gameplay of the game. Infinity Ward has not officially recognized the problem, but the developers will likely fix the bug in a future update.