Call of Duty: Vanguard dataminer shares details of reported Gunsmith system

There will be plenty to unlock.

Image via Activision

A dataminer reportedly uncovered a gunsmith system on the way to Call of Duty: Vanguard, the upcoming installment in the franchise, after the public Alpha gave PlayStation players access to the game ahead of time.

The Alpha only showcased the Champion’s Hill game mode and restricted player’s options for weapon customization, but according to dataminer TheGhostofMW, Vanguard could contain a Gunsmith system at some point, similarly to other installments of the franchise.

Dataminer TheMW2Ghost shared a list of all the unlocks that were found within the game’s files and each level that they can be acquired at. Players can earn the Nydar Model 47, the first weapon attachment on the list, at level two. According to the leak, the final reward can be acquired at level 71 and is simply Ironsights in medium and large sizes.

According to TheGhostofMW, Vanguard’s attachment system will function similarly to Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, meaning that players will be shown clear pros and cons of what adding the attachment to the weapon will do. He also explained that there may be more attachments that weren’t a part of the list, but could feature as options when the game releases in full.

Dataminers also unearthed that the max level for weapons won’t be the same for guns within the same class and found blueprints for store attachments—including Vampyr, Headhunter, and Underfire for the STG, paired with Heavy Duty, Driller, and Sportsman for the BAR.

While this information is reportedly from the game files, Activision hasn’t officially confirmed the addition of the feature in Vanguard.