Call of Duty player gives first look at Modern Warfare 2 nukes

Once you see the cloud, its too late to run.

Image via Activision

A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II player has achieved one of the first Tactical Nuke killstreaks in MW2 just hours after the game’s worldwide release. 

CoD player Naki posted a clip of them calling in the MGB killstreak, which is unlocked after killing 25 enemies without dying. The killstreak starts a countdown before killing the entire lobby and ending the game, regardless of the score or time left. Players can only sit and watch as the whole map explodes before a short screen showing a mushroom cloud appears. 

Naki claims to be the first person to unlock the killstreak, although this hasn’t been confirmed. Pulling off the tough challenge this soon is impressive, however, and seeing the latest iteration of the tactical nuke is exciting. 

A secret nuke kill streak has appeared in several CoD titles and was first introduced in the original MW2. The kill streak has changed over time, but the latest iteration is a nice callback to the original. 

Thousands of players are enjoying MW2, although the game does has a few growing pains. Many players are experiencing crashes, for example, while others are unable to turn off the crossplay feature. Hopefully, the issues will be addressed in the next few hours. 

The killstreak requires 25 kills without dying, so don’t expect to call one in every game. But keep grinding to secure the sweet taste of massive destruction as you wipe out both teams.