Call of Duty player dies 4 times in one kill cam in Modern Warfare

It might be time to switch to Ground War.

Image via Activision

Shipment in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has provided the same hectic gameplay that veterans of the series have grown to love. The small map is designed for close-quarters combat that can cause players to spawn on top of or in front of enemies.

One player saw the worst example of this earlier today, however, when they were killed four times in a row by a single player—and it was later the play of the game.

A Reddit user uploaded a clip that showed a one-sided match of Domination on Shipment. The player was on the losing side and encountered several unlucky spawns. An enemy killed them immediately after they spawned four times in a row.

This is an impressive number of kills in a short period of time, but achieving all four kills on the same player is unheard of. The player was also forced to watch the entire ordeal again because the string of kills qualified as the play of the game.

After each match in Modern Warfare, a clip is shown of a player scoring a lot of points or achieving a lot of kills at some point in the game. The player is highlighted for their achievements and gets bragging rights for being one of the best players in that game. The player who uploaded the clip didn’t have that experience, however, and was forced to sit there while the entire lobby got a firsthand view of their consecutive deaths.

Shipment has been an intense map since its introduction in the original Modern Warfare and it’s still providing great clips over 10 years later.