Call of Duty: Modern Warfare exploit allows players to shoot enemies from under the map

Another glitch on the list.

Image via Activision

Despite Call of Duty: Modern Warfare giving fans some much-needed nostalgia for previous titles, the abundance of bugs and exploits have been negatively impacting the player experience.

A Modern Warfare player encountered a game-breaking exploit last night. One of their opponents was able to hide underneath the map and pick off unsuspecting victims with ease.

“Infinity Ward,” the player said. “Please fix this. Players being able to go under the map and shoot upwards.”

Ground War matches can be pretty hectic, with nonstop gunfire and explosions sounding off regularly. But the player was dumbfounded when they got killed seemingly out of nowhere. The killcam revealed some foul play, however.

The enemy was glitched under Port of Verdansk’s concrete lot, unable to be seen but able to see—and shoot at—everything. The match ended with a Tactical Nuke, likely from the hands of the cheating enemy, according to the frustrated player.

Another fan attempted to look up the cheater using Call of Duty Tracker, but didn’t have any luck. This suggests that Infinity Ward stepped in and banned the player.

Though Infinity Ward devs haven’t addressed the issue yet, it will likely be fixed in a future update if it continues plaguing matchmaking.