Call of Duty: Mobile hits 16 million pre-orders in China, Tencent and Activision claim

Are people excited about Call of Duty or just another mobile BR?

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile, the highly-anticipated mobile adaptation of the franchise, surpassed 16 million pre-registrations in China today, according to an announcement from Tencent and Activision. No similar numbers have been shared for the game’s other regions at time of writing.

Although neither the publisher nor the developer of the game have published or shared any data to support that number, it wouldn’t be surprising if pre-registrations did climb so quickly.

Screengrab via Tencent Games and Activision

Other shooters like Fortnite and PUBG remain incredibly popular in China. PUBG even went so far as to make heavy-handed changes to the way the game runs so that it didn’t conflict with any governmental policies or cultural limitations. It’s even now called Game for Peace instead in that region.

Likewise, Call of Duty has long been one of the most popular and recognizable names in the FPS community. Along with the sheer immensity of its player base, 16 million pre-orders doesn’t seem too out of the ballpark.

To follow in the same footsteps as both Fortnite and PUBG, Call of Duty’s mobile variant will also include a battle royale mode to go along with its more traditional franchise experiences, such as Team Deathmatch and Search and Destroy. The game will be available on mobile devices on Oct. 1.