Call of Duty League skins cause players to turn invisible in Modern Warfare

The new skins give users an unfair advantage.

Screengrab via Call of Duty League

Players can support their favorite Call of Duty League teams in Modern Warfare by purchasing in-game team bundles featuring items such as weapon charms, calling cards, and operator skins. But shortly after the bundles went live yesterday, players began noticing the operator skins also have the bonus feature of turning players invisible. 

Players discovered CDL skins allow enemies to completely disappear at certain distances and when they collide with walls. One Reddit user posted a clip showcasing an enemy using the Dallas Empire alternate outfit walk backwards until he ran into a wall and completely disappeared. Another clip on Twitter shows the same glitch happening with another team skin equipped.

The Bale operator is shown in both clips, but it’s not confirmed if this is the only operator that allows the glitch to occur. 

The invisible glitch is not the first issue with the team skins. The CDL team skins were announced in a blog post on Jan. 20, which was eventually deleted without any explanation. Fans of the game attempted to click on the original links, which lead to “unexpected error” screens. On Jan. 24 the items reappeared in the game’s shop without any further explanation on why the original announcement was deleted. 

A team skin is a great way for players to support their favorite teams, but only if they can actually be seen. The issue is listed under the “Multiplayer Known Issues” column in Infinity Ward’s Trello board, which means a fix should be on the way.