Call of Duty League launches Recon Corps as a way for fans to offer direct feedback

Sign up and help shape the CDL moving forward.

Photo by Robert Paul via Activision Blizzard

You can help shape the future of the Call of Duty League starting with today’s announcement of a new service called Recon Corps.

The CDL Recon Corps is basically a feedback service where you fill out surveys and offer your opinion about the league. This includes "everything from league matches and teams to sponsors and brand partners," according to the league.

Signing up for the Recon Corps with your email will bring you to a survey about the league, which asks questions about things like brand loyalty, your favorite CDL team, and what other esports you enjoy watching.

Once finished, you'll need to confirm your email and set up your account, and you get access to the CDL Recon Corps hub. In the future, more surveys and activities will be added.

This seems like the best way to offer direct feedback to Activision and the CDL. While angrily tweeting and posting in the YouTube chat might be more fun to some, this type of feedback is likely to be most useful.

The Call of Duty League will host a Kickoff Classic event starting on Jan. 23 before the league's 2021 season officially begins on Feb. 11.