Call of Duty League cosmetic packs now live in Modern Warfare

You can now rep your CDL squad in-game.

Image via Activision

With the Call of Duty League set to kick off its inaugural weekend in Minnesota tonight, fans across the world can now represent their favorite teams with some in-game skins, which are now live in the PlayStation Store.

All 12 CDL teams have their own customization bundles up for grabs, featuring unique logos and colors for each team. The bundles are being sold for $9.99 each and not for CoD Points like other skins in CoD: MW.

Image via Activision

Each customization pack includes alternate and primary jersey Operator skins, a watch, a weapon camo, a charm, a sticker, a calling card, an emblem, and a spray. Basically, anything that can be customized in CoD: MW can now show off a CDL team.

Screengrab via Activision

It’s always a plus to see developer support for Call of Duty esports with cosmetic packs like this, which have been done previously in the series in games like Advanced Warfare, Black Ops III, and WWII.

The Call of Duty League begins tonight, Jan. 24, with its first match scheduled to begin at 4:30pm CT between the Chicago Huntsmen and the Dallas Empire.