28 March 2015 - 18:23

Call of Duty Championship: Placings

The 2015 Call of Duty World Championship Finals Placings.
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The 2015 Call of Duty World Championship results are pouring in. The current placings for the event are listed below:


1st: Denial eSports

2nd: Revenge

3rd: FaZe Red

4th: Prophecy

5th: Automatic Reload

6th: Plantronics Mindfreak

7th: OpTic Gaming

8th: Team Kaliber

9th-12th: Team Orbit

9th-12th: Aware Gaming

9th-12th: Team EnVy

9th-12th: Strictly Business

13th-16th: Below Zero

13th-16th: OpTic Nation

13th-16th: Gamers2

13th-16th: FaZe Black

17th-32nd: Klar1ty Gaming

17th-32nd: HyperGames

17th-32nd: SSOF Gaming

17th-32nd: Exile5.T1

17th-32nd: Team Infused

17th-32nd: 3sUp Ent.

17th-32nd: Integral Nation

17th-32nd: Epsilon eSports

17th-32nd: Ascentia Gaming

17th-32nd: TCM Gaming

17th-32nd: Team Menace

17th-32nd: UnderRatix Gaming

17th-32nd: FABE.Allstars

17th-32nd: FABE.DE

17th-32nd: Vitality X

17th-32nd: NXG Rapid
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