Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War player discovers how to remove sprint-fire delay

The exploit is easy to replicate.

Image via Activision

A Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War player found a way to negate the sprint-fire delay by running with a Semtex equipped. This allows players to hip-fire their weapons instantly and provides an advantage in engagements. 

The player showed the exploit in action on Nuketown 84’ as they ran around eliminating enemies with ease. The Gung-Ho perk must be equipped for it to work, and players need to hold the grenade button with a Semtex grenade equipped. The player was in Hardcore mode and playing against bots, and it will likely be harder to kill actual enemies. But it is still an effective strategy for aggressive players. 

Players can use other items such as the Tomahawk or Molotov instead of a Semtex grenade, but it will not work with a regular Frag grenade since it will eventually explode. Most weapons can also be used, but some are less effective when hip-firing. 

The biggest drawback of this strategy is that hip-firing is not very accurate on most weapons unless several attachments are equipped. Players can negate the inaccuracy by equipping lasers and other attachments, but it will still be difficult to hit enemies at a long distance. 

This strategy might not be the best for larger maps, but it can help players get easy kills on Nuketown 84’. It is unclear if Treyarch intended for this strategy to be possible, and it could possibly be removed in a future update.