Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Nov. 21 patch addresses several bugs

These changes should improve the overall experience.

Image via Activision

Treyarch released another patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War today, fixing several bugs in Zombies and reverting a change from the launch week patch. The patch also addresses minor issues in Multiplayer and the global UI. 

The launch week patch fixed dozens of issues in Multiplayer and Zombies to create a better gaming experience. But one Zombies update nerfed one of the best strategies to reach high rounds. 

Players would use the Tier III Ring of Fire ability, which pulls from stock ammo for Wonder Weapons, to help control the zombie horde. The launch week patch prevented players from using the Ray Gun for this strategy as the Ring of Fire ability no longer pulled from its stock ammo reserve. The update also increased the cost of Ray Gun ammo from 5k to 10k, making it much less viable at high rounds. 

This change drew criticism from the Zombie community, including popular content creator NoahJ456. Treyarch responded to its announcement and explained that this was an unintentional change and would be reverted in an upcoming patch. 

Today’s patch allows the Ring of Fire ability to pull from the Ray Gun’s stock ammo again, and hardcore Zombie players can now use the same strategy at higher rounds. Several issues impacting the Enemy AI have also been addressed to provide a consistent gameplay experience. 

The Dead Ops Arcade mode also received two bug fixes, and multiple issues in the Intel tab in the Barracks have been resolved. A bug that prevented zombies from not making it to the exfil location and other stability issues were also addressed. 

Players will have an easier time inviting their friends as the patch fixed three UI errors, and double XP icons will now display throughout lobbies, level loading screens, and the After-Action Report while double XP events are active.