Video illustrates just how broken Shipment’s spawns are in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This looks problematic.

Image via Activision

Earlier in the week, Call of Duty fans were excited to see two classic maps join Modern Warfare. But some of that excitement has quickly turned to frustration, as evidenced by a video of broken spawn points on one of the maps, Shipment, that was posted on Reddit yesterday.

The video shows the player spawning into the same points on the map over and over again and instantly dying. Enemy players are standing not far from the spawn point, aiming down sights, waiting for the player to appear and shooting them as soon as they do.

This is clearly an issue, but not all that surprising, either. Shipment has always been an incredibly tiny map with limited spawn points. It’s a map that thrives on mayhem—but even this is a bit much.

At time of writing, there’s been no response from a developer in the Reddit thread. But with an issue this glaring, Infinity Ward is likely aware of the problem and could be working on a fix.

Yesterday, another video on Reddit showed a player earning a tactical nuke in just 41 seconds thanks to Shipment’s broken spawn points. Be careful when you queue up for a match until this problem is taken care of.