Modern Warfare 2 movement to include sliding, diving, and ledge hanging

Get your gunny up.

Image via Activision

Get ready to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge again in Modern Warfare II.

Players will be able to slide, dive, and even hang from ledges in the upcoming Call of Duty game. This is a part of the evolution of movement from the Modern Warfare release in 2019, when players were greeted with Tactical Sprint for the first time. Tactical Sprint allows players to lift their gun up and run even faster than the normal sprint.

Depending on how you’re sprinting, you can slide or dive to the floor. If you’re sprinting normally and hit your crouch button, you will slide, which has been a very useful feature for several years in CoD games. But if you’re using Tactical Sprint and hit crouch, you will suddenly dive. Diving does not cover as much ground as sliding, although the surprise factor and giving opponents less area to be shot may be a good way to escape death.

That is just how you can move horizontally, though. In MW2, you can hang from ledges, which is an extension of the established mantling system. Players that mantle can hang from the edge of helicopters or off of buildings, and players may use a pistol while hanging from a ledge. This feature could stop players from accidentally mantling on top of a platform, exposing themself to the enemy.

With all of the ways players can move around the map, it will likely be more difficult than ever to secure kills on opponents. MW2 is set to be released on Oct. 28.