Boneyard bunker codes in Call of Duty: Warzone

Open up sesame, I need the loot.

Image via Activision

Though there are many loot sources in Warzone, none come close to bunkers. These hidden locations that are mostly locked with a code will usually be contested by other players since there’s a chance that there will be legendary loot waiting for you inside.

It’s not the loot that makes bunkers unique, however, since most bunkers usually contain information that can be considered Easter eggs regarding the Call of Duty franchise. Sneak peeks regarding the next title or an update that’s being prepared for the current one can all be hidden in bunkers and you’ll be free to explore them when you make your way there.

Getting into bunkers doesn’t depend on luck since you’ll need a firm game strategy and to plan your route around a specific part of the map. Your goal should be making it into the bunker of your choice as soon as you land since you’ll also be working against a circle shrinking in the process.

Players who’ve made it to the Boneyard bunker were greeted with elements hinting at the next title of the series Black Ops Cold War last summer and there have been occasional quests that require players to revisit it. Bunkers are also popular in the Plunder game mode since you’ll find a decent chunk of cash hidden inside them.

Here’s how you can access the Boneyard bunker in Call of Duty: Warzone.

North Boneyard bunker

There are two bunkers located around Boneyard and both of them have different codes. The North Boneyard bunker is located in the B5 section of the map. Considering there isn’t much to see in Boneyard, landing with spot-on accuracy will be challenging if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Keep your eyes open for a building with curved entry points. 

The building in question will have multiple curved endings, making it easier to notice from above. You’ll need to enter the one which is located toward the southeast of the building. Once you enter from the right door, you’ll need to take a left. You’ll notice a trap door that will lead you down underground and a barred door will be waiting for you there.

Approach the door and enter the following code to open it: 87624851

Screengrab via Activision

The door will automatically open after you enter the code and you’ll be able to explore and loot what’s inside. Be vigilant, though. When you leave the bunker, there’s a chance that a squad that saw you going in might be waiting for you outside.

South Boneyard bunker

The second bunker in the Boneyard area is located toward its south side. You’ll once again need to look out for a circular doorway, but this one will be right next to a hill. Its location makes it look like the door will lead you inside the mountain.

Once inside, head straight down the stairs and the barred door will be waiting for you to enter the following secret code: 97264138

Screengrab via Activision

Follow the stairway after the door opens and you’ll find the legendary loot waiting for you. Though the south bunker is slightly easier to locate as you’re landing, you won’t have much time to loot around. Make sure to loot the bags placed around the first door you open while approaching the bunker since there may be late landers trying to unlock the same bunker as you.

If you’re looking to explore one of these bunkers in a squad game, it’ll always be a decent idea to inform your teammates. These bunkers tend to have enough loot for two squads and the legendary loot you’ll find can help you win the match. Bringing your team with you will also let you pick up some weapons that you wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to get. If you don’t excel at sniping, a member of your squad can pick up that legendary sniper to make sure no loot goes to waste.