Best FoV settings in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Adjust the way you look around.

Image via Activision

Your aim usually matters the most when it comes to winning a gunfight in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Even if you trust your aiming skills, though, you’ll still need to work on your game sense and other skills to put yourself at an advantage against your opponents.

The Field of View (FoV) setting is one of the more debatable settings in Cold War since it’s both up to personal preference and can also affect a player’s frame rate. Increasing the setting will allow players to have a wider field of view, making it easier to spot enemies. But decreasing it can noticeably improve your performance and reduce the need for a scope in some cases.

Both ends of the FoV spectrum have their downsides, though. Using a high FoV setting can reduce your frames and cause a fisheye effect. Lower FoV values can end up making you more vulnerable to threats since you’ll see less of your surroundings.

While your personal preference will be the most important factor while deciding on your FoV setting, there’s also a clear trend when it comes to what FoV values the most experienced players use.

Before settling on an FoV value, it’s generally recommended to take them out for a spin and see which one you’ll be more comfortable with while playing.

To change your FoV setting, open up your settings and navigate to the Graphics tab. Under the Display section, you should see the Field of View bar. Here are the best FoV settings in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

100 to 120 FoV

Most players generally prefer keeping their FoV settings at higher levels. Don’t max it out, however, since the sweet spot will usually be somewhere around the 100 to 120 range.

An FoV of 105 is one of the most popular picks within this range, offering a decent balance between performance and vision. If you’ve been playing with the default settings for a while, the change will be instantly recognizable. You should get used to your new settings after a couple of Cold War sessions, though.

A high FoV value will be especially more useful in close-quarters situations since you’ll be rendering more of your surroundings, making it harder for enemy players to hide in a blind spot.

Considering you’ll be more zoomed out when you increase your FoV setting, it may become harder to spot enemies from a distance. At first, the difference can look negligible, but you’ll be more prone to pixel movements with lower FoV settings. This doesn’t entirely justify using low FoV values since the pros of using a high FoV setting outweigh the cons.

Keeping a gun with a scope with you will be ideal for long-distance purposes. You can easily switch out to your secondary weapon when you need to spot enemies from afar.

85 to 99 FoV

If your PC doesn’t have a hard time achieving high frames in Cold War, you’ll want to retain using the lowest FoV values. From a competitive standpoint, 80 FoV will potentially put you at a disadvantage against players who use higher values.

There are still players who feel uncomfortable while playing with higher FoV settings due to the slight fisheye effect that can happen with high FoV settings. While it’s easy to get used to it, there’s no reason to push yourself to love a setting that doesn’t grow on you. Most players who can’t decide which end of the FoV range suits them better usually settle on a value around this range.

If you’d like a closer FoV, experiment with values around 85 and 99. Most players who prefer this range usually go with values around 95 to 99. This range offers the best of both worlds.

Unlike higher FoV settings, getting used to values around this range won’t be that difficult since they’re relatively close to the default values.

Below 85

Any value below 85 has the potential to negatively impact your gameplay. You’ll be putting yourself at a disadvantage against the other players since you’ll be much more zoomed in than someone with higher FoV settings.

The difference will be especially noticeable in close-quarters situations where you’ll need to move your mouse more to check out your sides.

It’ll also have some hidden advantages, though. Players with lower FoV settings will have an easier time noticing enemies from a distance since they’ll be more zoomed in. If you’re running into performance problems with higher FoV values, it’s a decent idea to change your game style to favor your settings. Try avoiding short-range fights and focus on keeping your distance where you’ll be stronger than your enemies.

Performance is a deciding factor for PC players, so players with lower-tier gaming equipment will need to play with lower FoV settings to keep their frame rates high. This won’t be a factor for console players, however, since Cold War is more optimized in consoles. Changing your FoV around won’t affect your performance in a noticeable way on console.