Attach on Subliners’ performance: “I think we can go up against anyone and beat them”

Attach believes the Subliners' can beat the best.

Photo via Call of Duty League™

One of the best slayers in Call of Duty history is looking to bring his new team straight to the top, even if they aren’t considered to be the best after their rough start at Minnesota and crashing out of CDL London to Paris Legion.

Dillon “Attach” Price talked with Dot Esports about the New York Subliners after their first outing on Feb. 8 where the New York Subliners beat Paris Legion 3-1. But this good form didn’t last. The Subliners bowed out from the tournament after being reverse swept by the London Royal Ravens and losing their rematch against Paris, finishing with a top-six placing.

He said that teams shouldn’t underestimate the Subliners, though. This underdog team has some of the most prominent slayers in CoD history, including Attach and his long-standing duo, Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparatto. 

I wanted to start with your time on FaZe. You mentioned that internal difficulties were one reason behind the breakup of the old team. I wanted to expand on your relationship with ZooMaa. Is there a connection between you two that’s kept you playing together? 

Attach: You team with someone for so long and you’ve lived with them, traveled the world with them, won tournaments with them, and go to lots of tournaments with them, you definitely build a connection. We just became really good friends and we did want to team together. It wasn’t like we said no to teaming together. It feels good to be back together on this team now.

Can you expand on some of these internal differences on FaZe? Is that something that will be rectified with this new team? 

I was with that old FaZe team for a pretty long time, and when stuff happens, it builds up over the years. I think everyone became frustrated, some people didn’t feel too comfortable on the team anymore. It’s just how a team goes after a really long time of sticking together. I guess it was just our time. We weren’t clicking in-game well and that was our sign that we had to go our separate ways. 

If we go back to Minnesota, you lost to Atlanta FaZe 3-1. It’s a tough loss, even though they’re considered to be one of the best teams in the game. Do you feel like this was just a difficult start? 

I think we weren’t as prepared as we should be for certain modes at Minnesota. We also kind of came out flat even versus London Royal Ravens. We just knew that we had a tough match versus FaZe, so we wanted to try and bounce back and bring the energy and have a good match. We played a couple maps close. We won one, but the other two maps we got outclassed and that’s just how it was. We went back—we were all disappointed in ourselves including all of our followers. So we worked hard and just wanted to prepare to show what we are made of at this tournament. 

If we expand on the modes you were just mentioning, we can see that there’s been a definite improvement in your Search and Destroy. Is that a game mode that you felt was lackluster at Minnesota? 

Yeah, I would say that Search and Destroy was definitely [the game mode in which] we were the most lost, especially on Picadilly, which was our only showing for Search and Destroy that event. We played terrible on it and that’s all people are going to see, so they’re going to think that we suck at Search and Destroy. We went over some stuff and we are playing other maps that we are prepared to play. 

Mentioning these maps, are there any others that you’re most confident on? 

I like all of the other maps. As long as we have team strategy on the map and everyone knows what everyone is doing and to work together, it works perfectly. I just need to know what we are doing and everyone needs to feel comfortable, then we will be good on every map. 

With the most recent losses at Minnesota then your victory here against Paris, it could be argued that you’re a mid to high level team. Does being the underdog benefit your team? 

Yeah, it definitely is. Being the underdog is always good. With this much talent and this much brain on our team, I think we can go really far. And if people are underestimating us, that’s fine, we will just have to come out and show ’em. 

From seeing your first game against Paris, your team looked extremely confident. You’ve certainly shown some improvements in nearly every game mode. Could it be argued that you’ve still yet to prove how good your team can be? 

I think we can go up against anyone and beat them. We try to go and play our game, do our thing, stay confident, and we’re going to beat them.