All-time favorite CoD villain gets his own MW3 trailer tomorrow

"Remember, no Russian."

CoD villain Vladimir Makarov in the shadows.
Image via Activision

Call of Duty’s most iconic villain is set to make his return to Modern Warfare 3 in an all new trailer due to arrive on Aug. 9, first teased by Activision social accounts today.

The trailer, set to go live tomorrow at 9 am CT, is titled “Modern Warfare III – Makarov Reveal Trailer,” confirming what many already suspected. Vladimir Makarov is back in this reimagining of the Task Force 141 story, and that means things are about to get quite violent.

Even casual fans of CoD and its campaigns know of Makarov, the mastermind behind the events of the original MW2 in 2009. He was the guy in the unforgettable, violent, horrifying airport massacre scene that basically spurred the world into World War 3.

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Makarov famously said “Remember, no Russian” as his group left the elevator and began opening fire on innocents in a Russian airport, knowing full well that the player character was an undercover U.S. soldier. Makarov left the US agent for dead, framing the US for the attack and setting the campaign’s events in motion.

This time around, Makarov has been in the shadows throughout the first two game’s events. The final cutscene in the new MW2’s campaign, however, teased his arrival. After an unknown individual puts together a makeshift weapon on an airplane, they receive a text that simply says “no Russian,” signifying Makarov’s return to the franchise.

Now, Makarov’s reveal is less than a day away. In the teaser image and YouTube thumbnail posted by CoD, Makarov can be seen cloaked in shadow, receiving tattoos. The trailer may just be a reveal of this version’s voice actor and face model, but it could just as easily contain some exciting information about MW3.

A screenshot of the final scene in MW2's campaign.
“No Russian.” Screenshot by Dot Esports

The trailer will reveal all on Aug. 9 at 9 am CT. And with that, it will be full steam ahead toward the release of MW3, coming out on Nov. 10 this year.


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