Activision unveils Call of Duty Challengers, an amateur competition for CoD esports

Call of Duty is creating a path to the pro scene for new players.

Activision introduced a new competition for the 2020 Call of Duty League season today called Call of Duty Challengers.

CoD Challengers will be an official amateur competition that features a prize pool over $1 million for players all around the world. CoD Challengers events throughout the 2020 season will include online and LAN tournaments.

CoD Challengers players will compete to collect Challenger Points, which will rank players individually and determine the seeding of teams when a squad’s points are added together.

Players can start registering for CoD Challengers on Oct. 30. The online ladders are scheduled to begin shortly after on Nov. 2. The first online tournament will be played on Nov. 9 and will use Black Ops 4 Pro Points to seed the players.

Players have to be at least 18 years old to participate in CoD Challengers. The amateur competition will use the same ruleset as the 2020 CoD League, which means that using a keyboard and mouse isn’t allowed.

This could be huge for the CoD scene since more players will be interested in trying to become pros. Amateur leagues are a great step to develop players into the pro scene, and if done correctly, the LAN environment teaches new players how to deal with the pressure of playing on a stage.

You can read the Call of Duty League’s full announcement here.