Activision requests closing of SBMM Warzone website

Players will need to find another source for their stats.

Image via Activision

Activision’s lawyers have requested SBMM Warzone, a popular website that allows players to track their Call of Duty: Warzone stats, to be shut down for violating the Activision Terms of Service, according to the site’s developers. 

Activision reportedly asked the developers to shut down the website for violating the TOS. The site’s developers responded with a public announcement asking for Activision to add them as partners so they can continue to provide the service to the player base, although it is unlikely Activision will take them up on the offer. 

SBMM Warzone allows players to enter their profile information on any platform to track their stats and performance. Players can see their match history, kill/death ratio, and other valuable stats to see how they stack up to other players. 

The website also puts players into various ranks based on their performance, which gives them a better understanding of their skill level. Ranks in Warzone have been a highly contested subject, and many fans would likely appreciate an official way to track their progress and performance. 

Popular Call of Duty content creators Drift0r and Vikkstar responded to the announcement expressing their disappointment about the news. Other fans pointed out the website recently monetized the service by offering subscription tiers that provide access to more stats and other perks. This might be the reason Activision requested the shutdown, but a specific reason was not provided. 

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