64-player Ground War confirmed for Modern Warfare beta

Two-vs-two, six-vs-six, and 64-player modes were all confirmed for the beta.

Image via Activision

Activision has confirmed the game modes available in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta, which will include the massive 64-player game mode, Ground War.

In a press release, Activision said the beta will include the two-vs-two Gunfight mode players got to experience during the game’s alpha demo, a traditional six-vs-six mode that COD fans are accustomed to, and an, “epic large-scale Ground War mode supporting up to 64 players.”

Ground War will also feature a, “wide array of vehicles,” according to Activision, which would be a new addition to the two-team competitive online experience for Call of Duty.

The open beta is exclusive to the PS4 during the first weekend and expand to PC and Xbox One in the following weekend, which will introduce crossplay to the COD franchise for the first time across all platforms.

“Starting this weekend we’re planning to give players access to new features and maps each day,” creative director and co-studio head of Infinity Ward, Patrick Kelly, sid. “We are also planning to expose more new content and ways to play in the second weekend. In all, we can’t wait for the community to jump in both weekends.”

PS4 players who have pre-ordered the title have early access to the beta starting today. On Sept. 14, all PS4 users can jump in through Sept. 16.

The following weekend, pre-order players on all platforms can play from Sept. 19 to 20. Everyone else can play from Sept. 21 to 23.