MLG COD League Season 3: Week In Review, August 6-8

Trials and tribulations in the League this week. Rise managing to hold onto pole position.

TrAfter an entertaining as always Gfinity event last weekend, we are back into the full swing of the CoD Season 3 League. Due to traveling back from G3, League matches didn’t start back up until Wednesday, where we began to see a shift in the rankings. Let’s take a look at the matches by the day.


  • In the first match of the night, two of the hottest teams in Rise Nation and Denial faced off. After dropping the first two maps. Denial took Rise to the last map, where Rise took the victory.
  • In the next match, Radius would face off against Evil Geniuses. It went to the last map, and Radius would take the victory there.
  • In another Game 5 scenario, OpTic Nation picked up the hard fought victory against Rise Nation.
  • To close out the night, Denial beat EG 3-0 in what would be the only match of the night to not go to Game 5.


  • After acquiring Elevate’s spot in the League, Noble won it’s first match over Most Wanted 3-0.
  • In the next match, Curse would take EG to the last map, but fell 3-2.
  • In OpTic Gaming’s first game of the night, they were swept 3-0 by FaZe.
  • OpTic Gaming won their first two maps against Noble, but then lost the next three as Noble finished flawless on their first night in the league.
  • Denial swept Team Kaliber 3-0.
  • Most Wanted came back strong after their first match to sweep Curse 3-0.
  • FaZe ended their night by beating EG 3-1.


  • With retired pro BigTymer filling in for ProoFy, OpTic Gaming didn’t fare well against Rise, who swept them 3-0.
  • Noble, who have partnered with Vanquish at this point, continued their hot streak since entering the League, taking the match over FaZe 3-0.
  • An underrated JusTus team beat a reeling Curse team 3-1
  • JusTus would go on to win their second match of the night over FaZe 3-2.
  • Curse would come back strong to finally get a win, this time a clean sweep of Denial.
  • Team Kaliber finally put an end to Noble.Vanquish’s run, beating them 3-2 to close out the night, and the short week of matches.