Your Steam Deck may be arriving sooner than expected, Valve says

Production is moving faster than ever before.

Photo via Valve

Everyone that has reservations to buy the Steam Deck will get them by the end of the year, according to Valve, which said it has cleared up supply chain issues that have caused long wait times for the device.

In a Steam Deck production update, the company said the supply chain issues that have affected the production of the device are starting to subside, which means Valve is making them faster than they have been able to before. As a result, everyone currently in the reservation queue has had their date moved up.

With everything getting pushed up, not only are all of the people with reservations getting their Steam Decks by the end of the year, but those who had a Q4 2022 ship date have now been moved up to Q3, and those with 2023 reservations were moved to Q4 2022. If enough orders fill up the queue, some new reservations may see themselves put into the Q1 2023 production timeline.

If you have ordered a Steam Deck and would like to check to see if their window has changed, head to the Steam Deck page on Steam. Make sure you are logged into the site, and it will tell you what your new window for delivery is. The Q3 window will ship out Steam Decks from July to September 2022, and the Q4 window will have a ship date from October to December 2022.

The Steam Deck website has also been updated to show new reservation windows, and those who want to purchase one will know if it has flipped over to a 2023 window by checking the expected order availability underneath the purchase button for each version of the Steam Deck.