Ubisoft public report says company is at ‘high’ risk of losing new talent due to toxic workplace

Ubisoft has internally struggled with a toxic workplace for years now.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s failures to create a safe workplace for its employees have been well-documented. In June 2020, the company issued a statement following a long string of allegations levied against top-level executives.

But according to Ubisoft’s most recent public Universal Registration Document and Annual Financial Report, there’s still some work to be done. In the section titled “Risks,” Ubisoft claims that both the “departure of key talents” and “inability to attract and retain talent” have a net criticality of “high.”

Directly, the report says that the movement to denounce behavior deemed as harassing, toxic, and sexist has led to several key talents departing “unexpectedly.”

Additionally, the report claims that the damage to its image can affect its appeal to new talent that may be rising through the industry.

In terms of solutions, Ubisoft disclosed that it’s expanded its internal whistleblowing platform, which sends allegations to “independent external consultants,” as well as included mandatory training on harassment and sexism for each team member.

But a report in Le Telegramme, a French publication, details the frustrations of employees who claim nothing, if anything, has changed. As of May, several executives and high-level employees accused of harassing or bullying behavior were still with the company, some in similar levels of power within its structures.