TSM lands Lenovo as official PC partner

This is Lenovo's first official esports partnership.

Lenovo and TSM partners
Screengrab via TSM

TSM has linked up with Lenovo for the technology giant’s first official esports partnership in North America.

As TSM’s PC partner, Lenovo will provide a state-of-the-art gaming lounge in the team’s 25,000 square foot training facility. This facility adds TSM to the multiple other teams that have dedicated training facilities in Los Angeles, like Team Liquid and Echo Fox.

Lenovo will be joining Logitech and VIVE as TSM’s third technology-related partnership and its seventh partner overall. Various giveaways and events will be hosted by Lenovo during the year as well. Unlike Lenovo—who is focused on PC technology—Logitech is focused more on gaming peripherals while VIVE works on virtual reality gaming.

“We understand the tremendous growth potential of this market, and this partnership is a great complement to our investments in bringing professional-grade gaming experiences to avid players around the world.” Lenovo’s North American president Matt Zielinski said.

Dan Dinh, the founder and CEO of TSM, said that adding Lenovo to TSM’s team of partners was a no-brainer. “Lenovo’s history of a commitment to high performance and quality aligns with TSM’s vision for the future,” Dinh said.