Team Vitality potentially teasing the launch of a merch store in Paris

What will it look like?

Photo via Riot Games

Team Vitality has been posting cryptic photos on social media that seem to hint at a physical merch store opening up in Paris.

Vitality posted images of the store on Twitter alongside a loading bar, which seems to hint at the location’s completion. The Vitality logo is plastered all over the potential store with the caption “from digital to physical” tagged on the photos.

If a store is opened in Paris, Vitality would join a growing list of other esports organizations that have tried to create their own stores in various cities across the globe.

Fnatic was one of the first esports organizations to test a physical merch store in London. It sold Fnatic merchandise for a limited time only, including the Fnatic gear headsets and accessories that the company made.

There’s obviously a lot to take in regarding any possible announcement, including if the store would be a temporary pop-up shop or a full-blooded permanent store for years to come.

Of course, we can’t say for certain what Vitality’s plans are until the project is officially unveiled. So be sure to keep an eye on Vitality’s social media accounts to find out what the organization has planned.