Shonen Jump publisher dives into gaming with 4 new titles

It may not be the manga you're familiar with, though.

Screengrab via Shueisha Games

Shueisha, the publisher of the popular Shonen Jump manga magazine, announced yesterday evening that it’s taking a swing at making video games out of the manga we all know and love.

The company created a Twitter account and website dedicated to Shueisha Games with plans for the department to make four titles out of established manga. 

While Shueisha has ties to some of the most popular series in manga, including Dragon Ball and One Piece, some of the more well-known manga have licensing deals with other publishers like Bandai Namco.

For that reason, the first few games the publisher releases may not be for manga you’re especially familiar with. On the official website for Shueisha Games, the publisher’s listed games are Oni, Ukiyo, The Tower of Children, and Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions

Of the four titles, none have a set release date, but three of the four are supposed to come out this year. Captain Velvet Meteor has the closest thing to a set release date of “Summer 2022.” Oni and The Tower of Children are set for a 2022 release, while Ukiyo is listed as being an “End 2022- Early 2023” release.