Tencent to organize multiple esports events in partnership with mobile gaming streaming service Fluxr

The app will be one of the first to focus solely on streaming mobile esports content.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

A joint partnership between live streaming service LiveMe and Tencent will see the first dedicated mobile streaming app for gaming and esports.

Fluxr, an app developed for broadcasting mobile gaming, will be the first tool for competitive mobile gamers to stream their gameplay sessions. The developers of popular streaming platform LiveMe have partnered with Chinese conglomerate Tencent to launch Fluxr in North America. The promotion will consist of Tencent organizing and hosting online and offline events featuring the mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The offline events will be taking place across North America and Southeast Asia, furthering the company’s massive reach in the global esports marketplace.

“With the boom of mobile games and professional esports, we’re leveraging our experience and resources in the live streaming space to deliver interactive user experiences and innovative new features through Fluxr,” LiveMe’s founder Yuki He wrote in a press release.

Two hundred streamers will be part of Fluxr during its launch, although LiveMe is expecting that the service will expand quickly. This is due to gaming quickly becoming the most popular content on the LiveMe platform, according to He. This seemingly showcases that the interest in mobile streaming and gaming is growing in tandem with the overall mobile market, which is currently the single-largest source of revenue in the overall gaming industry.

Tencent is the largest mobile game developer in the world, with its mobile games generating a total of $3.4 billion in revenue, according to its quarterly filing from May 2018.

Fluxr will be available on both the Apple Store and Google Play from July 5.