Global Esports Federation launched in Singapore

The GEF plans to be "the voice and authority for the worldwide esports movement."

Photo via Riot Games

A new governing body for esports known as the Global Esports Federation (GEF) was formed earlier today to become “the voice and authority for the worldwide esports movement.”

The headquarters of the organization will be in Singapore. The GEF will be helmed by Chris Chan, who’s also the secretary general of Singapore’s National Olympic Council. He’ll be supported by three vice presidents.

“We are excited to navigate the pathway and shape the future with the launch of the GEF,” Chan said. “The GEF will help develop the credibility, legitimacy, and prestige to esports in society by leveraging the history, foundations, values of sport, and the principle of harnessing technology and innovation for sports.”

At launch, the GEF also laid out its vision with five key objectives. These include:

  • To encourage and support national esports federations.
  • To establish an athlete commission to focus on well-being, etc.
  • Stage esports competitions, conventions, and development programmes.
  • To develop a world-class governance structure and guidelines for the GEF.
  • To create, develop, and stage the annual flagship Global Esport Games, with the first Games to be staged next year.

Tencent, which owns shares in some of the world’s biggest esports titles, is also the founding global partner of the GEF.