Fnatic unveils partnership with Twitch

The collaboration focuses on increasing engagement and content.

Image via Fnatic

Fnatic announced its streaming partnership with Twitch earlier today. The European-based organization joins other esports conglomerates that have teamed up with the streaming service in the past, like TSM and Cloud9.

Fnatic hinted at what fans might expect from this partnership in the future. “We are excited to join forces to develop new forms of creative live content that can be delivered to fans in a new and innovative way,” Fnatic said in a press release.

Twitch plans to help boost Fnatic’s following, according to esports partnerships manager Petya Zheleva. “We plan to work closely with Fnatic to foster even more engagement around their exciting content,” Zheleva said.

Additionally, Fnatic’s CEO Wouter Sleijffers mentioned the vision he has for the collaboration with Twitch. “We believe Fnatic and Twitch share the vision of bringing esports into every household through new forms of content that deliver an incredible viewing experience,” Sleijffers said. All streamers connected with Fnatic will now stream exclusively through Twitch.

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Earlier this year, Fnatic kicked off the partnership with the Legends in Action livestream. During the stream, Fnatic hosted interviews with its League of Legends players and unveiled its prokit jerseys for the new year. Another livestream is planned to air today featuring an additional “exclusive” announcement and players on Fnatic’s Counter-Strike team.