Final Fantasy XIV continues to carry Square Enix to financial success

The MMO continues to be the cash cow of the company for now.

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV has continued to bring in a solid profit for Square Enix amid the tepid drip of income from other non-MMO games produced by the company.

Net sales declined from the previous fiscal year at the company in the high-definition game sub-segment, which includes games like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and OUTRIDERS. The company says in a financial report that last year brought in more money from launches such as Final Fantasy VII Remake and Marvel’s Avengers.

All other segments of the company, including mobile gaming, amusement, merchandising, and publication all saw mixed results. Generally, most categories had some kind of increase in net sales, although some also raised operating costs, and the amusement category suffered a bit due to a temporary closure of amusement facilities due to COVID-19.

One segment that continues to do well in recent fiscal reports is Final Fantasy XIV. Monthly subscribers for the game rose from last year, and the recent expansion pack that was released brought more people back to the game who may have put it down for a while. The expansion pack did so well that they even had to stop selling it for a while in order to try to get more people into the game who already paid a monthly subscription.

Final Fantasy XIV developers aren’t slowing down either. They just introduced a new housing ward, several new adventures to partake in, and are even slowly updating the look of the game. Players are given frequent content updates before new things go out and are generally transparent with issues in the game, which has clearly kept the players with their wallets at the ready.