Ezone launches performance platform for gamers looking to improve their physical and mental health

Ezone has performance experts who will "help you get in the zone and perform like a world class athlete."

Screengrab via Ezone

Ezone Esports is the latest destination for players looking to improve their performance both in and out of the game. Launching today, users will have access to a library of video content focusing on physical and mental health for gamers. 

Often appointed for its similarities with the sports industry, esports has found itself growing in terms of developing players to perform the best they can. Overlooking physical and mental health, Astralis founder Frederik Byskov discussed the creation of Ezone Esports with Dot Esports and explained how the platform will benefit players and the industry as a whole.

“For many years I have worked with esports athletes, in tournaments and teams as well, and I have never seen a place where the average gamer or a professional player could go to find information about performance,” Byskov told Dot Esports. “Esports athletes experience the same as traditional sports athletes do. We realized there are a lot of in-game tools to practice reaction time, practices, but none were outside of gaming to enhance a player’s performance.”

The project brings together performance experts to cover a wide range of demands. From a sleep scientist to a physiotherapist, and even a stress specialist, Ezone is changing the game by providing educational tools that can increase a player’s performance.

“We want to take all the high-level knowledge and make it accessible to players,” Bykov said.

Mia Stellberg, a well-known sports and esports psychologist with success cases like Astralis and SK Gaming, will be sharing her expertise regarding mental health and the mindset of a professional player on the platform.

Players interested in leveling up their well-being can find more information about Ezone on its website and Twitter or they can become a part of the community on Discord.