Esports Certification Institute to issue refunds for exams, study guides after backlash

The ECI announced its $400 exam yesterday.

Photo provided by Esports BAR

The Esports Certification Institute has announced it will issue refunds to those who signed up for its controversial $400 certification exam.

The organization launched yesterday to heavy opposition, with many in esports criticizing the cost of its exam and the overall relevancy of certification. In a series of tweets today, ECI said the response was “humbling” and that it would be “pausing all new signups for the certification exam and refunding all payments from test signups to date and study guide donations.”

ECI said it also will “rethink how [it wants] to solve the problem of nepotism and bad hiring in esports.”

Fans and those already working in esports were quick to criticize the exam, which included various sample questions that many deemed inappropriate or irrelevant. The price of the exam seemingly became the largest sticking point within the industry, however, as the $400 price tag prompted accusations of gatekeeping.

In its series of announcement tweets, ECI said it priced its exam as such to fall “in line skill-specific sub industry exams.” The exam’s study guide was also announced, although it could be purchased for any amount.

In response to the widespread criticism, ECI said it will “retool everything [it has] done.” While the organization ceded that its execution lacked, it did maintain that it is dedicated improving hiring practices within esports.