Discord reportedly in discussions to sell for over $10 billion

It isn't clear who the buyer would be.

Image via Discord

Communication platform Discord is reportedly in the process of brokering a sale for more than $10 billion.

According to a report by GamesBeat, multiple sources confirmed the platform was entertaining the option to sell after being approached by multiple parties interested in the purchase. According to one of these sources, Discord had signed an exclusive acquisition discussion with one party, meaning the negotiations were nearing the final stage.

Since its launch, Discord has been the chat companion of choice for most gamers. Its community-based uses also helped to grow the platform to over 140 million monthly active users late in 2020.

The rapid growth of Discord that took place in 2020 was evident in a report by The Wall Street Journal, which stated the company had generated $130 million in revenue in 2020. This number is substantially higher than the $45 million that Discord generated in 2019.

This substantial growth could be attributed to the COVID pandemic that forced individuals inside and triggered a boom in all forms of the online community.

According to GamesBeat’s report, a source shared that due to the healthy growth of the platform, it isn’t clear if Discord would sell right now.

“It’s hard to tell the difference between a serious acquisition attempt and a fishing expedition,” a source told GamesBeat. “It can fall apart at any time. The reality is the company is doing really well. I don’t see a reason they would want to sell. They seem to be completely in control of their destiny right now.”

Currently, there has been no indication as to who the potential buyer is for Discord.