Complexity teams with Dairy MAX to create educational cooking series

It will be called "Cooking with Complexity."

Image via Complexity Gaming

Complexity has added non-profit dairy council Dairy MAX as its official nutrition partner in a deal that will include a five-episode cooking series.

The length of the deal and its financial terms weren’t disclosed, but it should come as no surprise due to a pre-existing deal Dairy MAX has with the Dallas Cowboys. One of Complexity’s owners, Jerry Jones, also owns the Cowboys.

Both Complexity and Dairy MAX are using the partnership to highlight what health and nutrition can do for gamers across the esports industry.

“Complexity has a long-standing commitment to professionalize the esports landscape and improve overall player care,“ said Jason Lake, founder and CEO of Complexity. “With Dairy MAX as our Official Nutrition Partner, not only will we add a key layer of health and wellness support for our athletes, but also we’ll be able to share our learnings with our fans and the esports industry at large.”

Partnering with nutrition brands has become increasingly popular across esports with organizations and leagues simultaneously looking to expand their portfolios and provide a positive impact on the community.

The five-episode educational cooking series, “Cooking with Complexity,” will include the organization’s talent learning to prepare healthy meals. There’s no set timeline for the release of that content, though.

The deal will also give Complexity access to Dairy MAX resources and nutrition guides, as well as ongoing research on nutrition’s impact on performance.

For Dairy MAX, the deal is about reaching out to a demographic that it might not be able to through traditional means.

“Esports are coed, inclusive and engage students who might not otherwise participate in school athletics or activities,” Dairy MAX CEO Mike Konkle said. “This partnership allows the dairy farmers we represent to reach kids based on their interests and work with younger generations to learn about the benefits of dairy for mind and body performance.”

Dairy MAX joins a slew of partners that Complexity has stacked up, including Miller Lite, HermanMiller, Game Stop, and apparel brand We Are Nations.