Capcom to increase employee salaries by 30 percent, restructure HR department

This move headlines the company's move to strategically invest in personnel.

Image via Capcom

Capcom is restructuring several internal components of the company to coincide with the start of its 2022 fiscal year on April 1. This includes a 30 percent increase to the average base salary of the company’s employees following an expected fifth straight year of record profits. 

This is part of Capcom’s internal approach to steady growth, which includes long-term changes that will work to “pursue the enhancement of corporate value,” which includes working to foster its relationship with employees.

In total, Capcom is partially revising its compensation system to incorporate the 30 percent base salary increase and will introduce a new bonus system that is more closely linked to the company’s overall business performance. Since Capcom has posted record profits in each of the last four years, this will likely result in employees benefiting more from the company’s success. 

Along with this initial increase to the average base salary for employees, Capcom is also reorganizing its Human Resources around four departmental operations to “sustainably strengthen its development and technological capabilities to create the world’s finest, high-quality games.” Capcom will also be establishing a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHO) to oversee this transition. 

This is being done in an effort to provide current employees with a comfortable work environment and as a way to drive future personnel acquisition and training initiatives, which headline the strategic investment in its personnel.

According to VGC and previous financial results, Capcom should report its ninth consecutive year of growth in operating income and its fifth consecutive year of record profits in May.