Blizzard employees share salaries after controversial pay increases

The uproar began after the company performed a study to ensure employees were fairly compensated.

Blizzard Entertainment employees have created a spreadsheet to share their salaries and pay bumps following the implementation of a company study into fair pay, according to a Bloomberg report.

According to Bloomberg News, which reviewed the document, the average amount of a raise employees received was below 10 percent, a figure much lower than employees were expecting. In a quote from Activision Blizzard’s spokeswomen Jessica Taylor she says the goal of the study was to reward and invest further into top-performing employees.

“Our goal has always been to ensure we compensate our employees fairly and competitively,” Taylor said. “We are constantly reviewing compensation philosophies to better recognize the talent of our highest performers and keep us competitive in the industry, all with the aim of rewarding and investing more in top employees.”

According to Bloomberg’s report, Blizzard employees shared they were struggling to make ends meet despite the company continuing to grow. Additionally, one employee listed CEO Bobby Kotick annual salary, bonus, and stock award, further affirming the wage disparity between employees. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, Kotick’s 2019 compensation was valued at $40 million at the end of the year.

Activision Blizzard laid off hundreds and asked remaining workers to pick up the slack after the firings. This did not result in pay increases, according to employees.