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How to be famous in BitLife

Once you're famous in Bitlife, everyone will talk about you.

If you think it might be too late to become famous in real life, you’ll still get plenty of chances in BitLife. When you take the right steps in the game, turning into a famous A-lister will be within reach.

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Overall, there are two types of BitLife players. The first group generally try to replicate their exact real life in the game, while the other one pushes the game to its limits. Though it took me a while to join the second group, becoming famous in BitLife was my first objective as I created my second character in the game.

How do you become famous in BitLife?

Stats of a character in Bitlife.
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To become famous in BitLife, you need to focus on your character’s strengths. There are a few ways to be famous in the game, and the optimal way will depend on your character’s stats.

Here are the best tips for getting famous in BitLife:

  • Reroll your character until you get a high Looks score: Looks matter more than they should while becoming famous in BitLife, so getting an early start here with a percentage above 65 percent will help you along the way. You’ll also be able to increase this stat by visiting the Salon and Spa or the gym in the game.
  • Decide your career path early and train yourself: For example, if you want to become famous by becoming an actor, you should take acting lessons from a young age.
  • Retain a good relationship with your parents: To attend certain classes, you’ll need to pay for them. Earlier in the game, your parents will be your main source for money, so you should focus on keeping them happy.
  • Start posting on social media after reaching age 13: Social media in BitLife unlocks at age 13 and starting building an audience on the available platforms can give you a speed boost on your way to stardom.

When the Mind and Body section opens in the activities tab, focus on all the available self improvement tasks like going to the gym and other physical/educational activities.

The second step above applies to all professions in the game in which you can build a reputation. Even if you decide to build a career as a singer, model, athlete, or DJ, you’ll need to lay down foundations by taking the necessary classes for them early in life. After training yourself until age 18, start applying to jobs where you can showcase your talents. Considering you took countless classes and completed various activities until age 18, you should start drawing attention since you’ll be an over performer at your profession of choice.


Consider accepting job offers as DJ, model, foot model, musician, athlete, or a junior actor, and do commercials to get your name out there.

What is the quickest way to become famous in Bitlife?

The fastest way to become famous in Bitlife is by becoming an influencer. As soon as I got to age 13, I started a YouTube channel where I uploaded various videos until some of them went viral and I started receiving thousands of subscribers.

For my character, the gaming niche on YouTube was the best, but this can change based on your character’s attributes. Once you receive 300,000 subscribers or followers on social media, you’ll get the fame tag in Bitlife.


Once you become famous and get the fame tag, continue taking care of your character and looks. If you let yourself go, you may lose your fame tag.

What are the best professions to become famous in Bitlife?

The best professions for becoming famous in Bitlife are modeling, acting, becoming an influencer, athleticism, journalism/reporting, and writing. Depending on your dream job, you should spend your first 18 years training for it. For example, if you’d like to become a famous writer, you need to focus on your studies, improve your Smarts, and go to the library.

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