EU LCS 2016 Week 4 Preview

As we approach week four, we’ve started to see some clear divisions now in the league. The front runners have vastly distanced themselves from the bottom teams and the middle ground.

EU LCS 2016 Week 3 Preview

Week 2 was an interesting week and can be summarized with a familiar term to European LCS fans: “everyone beats everyone”, but in the end will Fnatic really win? Not if they drop games against teams like the Unicorns of Love.

EU LCS 2016 Week 2 Preview

Week One of the European LCS delivered on the potential it had: Tight games, successive choking and the emergence of what looks a like a quality set of competitive teams.


EU LCS 2016 Week 1 Preview

Hey there, it’s been a while. Welcome back to Europe and the European LCS, the second best region in the world. Because face value Worlds results are all that matter right?


Santorin- Steady Resiliency

Team Solo Mid are about to enter their third World Championships with a different jungler. When Amazing decided to return to Europe, Reginald could have picked almost anyone.


EU LCS Week 9 Preview- The final stretch

Last stretch, last shot, last hurdle Despite it being the last week, there’s still a lot in the air. The only things that are certain is Fnatic, Origen and H2k in the playoffs and Copenhagen Wolves in a relegation spot.


EU LCS Week 8 Preview: The race for Playoffs

Two weeks, four games, one goal. Two teams have already crossed the finish line for playoffs, the first being new LCS record holders Fnatic and the second being the Fnatic old guard with some new friends: Origen.


EU LCS week 7 Preview

I had a look at what was coming this week and I couldn’t help but smile, Week seven of the EU LCS is stacked with quality games and fast developing stories towards the end of the split. Let’s jump right in with one of those stories.