Rushing Rank 5: Face Pirate Warrior

The 2nd October I was trying to figure out what could substitute Face Shaman now that the deck is gone. The first answer I came up with was Pirate Face Warrior, how could any deck beat that kind of damage? I proceeded to climb from rank ten to rank five in less than two hours, […]

My 5 Favourite Hearthstone Cards! (Card Analysis Inside)

Some cards are boring, Some are exciting, Some get you snoring, (Cough, cough, Justicar) Some kill you faster than lighting.   This article is my about me, Cause I don’t know what you like, Read on and you will see, Which cards give me shivers at first sight!   In prose I write better, I […]

Reno Madness – Building a Hipster Renolock

For those who never read any of my deck-building guides, I usually play 50 games at legend rank with a deck I built and then report my results. The article is composed of different sections. Firstly, I discuss the idea behind the deck and the cards which cannot be removed, some cards are needed for […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Aggro Shaman

This month I didn’t want to play around at the lower ranks so I just rushed Legend with Aggro Shaman. On Monday the 12th I started grinding from rank four five stars and about 6-8 hours later I achieved my goal. The deck is super strong if piloted correctly. A friend, which was stuck at […]