Goldper10 Power Rankings – Week 3

LPL – Week 3 – by @Ghostoneesports Group A : QG (-) SS (-) WE (-) M3 (-) EPA (-) LGD (-) Group B : EDG(+3) RNG (-1) IG (-) Vici (-2) OMG (-) HYG (-) Overall LPL Rankings : EDG (+6) QG (-1) RNG (-1) IG (-1) Vici Gaming (-1) WE (-) M3 (+…

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Goldper10 Power Rankings – Week 2

Welcome to a new series called “Goldper10 Power Rankings”. In this series some of the Goldper10 writers will create a list of power rankings from the previous week of games of their respective League of Legends leagues. Every ranking will be made by an ex

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Help me Doctor – Challenger Rek’Sai

“Help Me Doctor” is a format where I analize your GAME ! (SoloQ or Team Ranked) live in the stream ! If you want to participate in the show, then send me your replay which you recorded with BaronReplays to the email .

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