The Counter Strike Hierarchy

The Champions FNATIC Fnatic are inarguably the strongest team in all of Counter Strike. Their unprecedented 6 tournament win streak has cemented their claim and helped solidify their position as clear favourites.

3 Wild Predictions Heading Into MLG Columbus

We're a few days away from the group-stage matches at MLG Columbusand while everybody is releasing their previews and regular predictions, here are some wild predictions that could definitely occur! 1.


A Response To Thoorin’s Rankings

Counter Strike definitely hasn't struggled with a consistently updated world ranking, we've had the please of both Thoorin and HLTV consistently working to provide their own subjective rankings using their own subjective criteria.

TACO vs S1mple – Trash Talking is OK

Trash Talk Is Great With the recent debacle between S1mple and TACO, it’s time to go back to the age old discussion about trash talking in competitive environments. Trash talking is integral to sports, it always has been.


ESL Expo Barcelona Starts This Weekend – Preview

Starting on the 19th of February and ending on the 21st, the live Spanish crowd and online Counter Strike audience will have the pleasure of enjoying top international competition battling it out in a rather quirky format - a format previou...


GS Global Esports Cup – What to expect

Introduction A weekend long tournament is set to take off in Vilnius, Lithunia where teams from across the globe will be battling it out for honor, prestige, and the lion's share of $200'000 prize purse.