A Response To Thoorin’s Rankings

Counter Strike definitely hasn't struggled with a consistently updated world ranking, we've had the please of both Thoorin and HLTV consistently working to provide their own subjective rankings using their own subjective criteria.

Counter Strike definitely hasn’t struggled with a consistently updated world ranking, we’ve had the please of both Thoorin and HLTV consistently working to provide their own subjective rankings using their own subjective criteria. 

Usually I agree with Thoorin’s rankings but this one specifically has been quite ridiculous: 


It’s inarguable. Fnatic are the best team in the world and have been the best since their latest roster change overcoming a now seemingly dead EnVyUs to reclaim their longstanding position. 

Fnatic’s success as IEM Katowice saw them break yet another record winning a total of 6 events successively and a grand sum of $460’000 in just over 3 months. An absolutely incredible figure.

Their success is unprecedented and looking at the finals of IEM Katowice it doesn’t seem like there’s any chance of them slowing down. EnVyUs were previously the only team capable overcoming this new Fnatic roster but their downfall has meant Fnatic are now completely uncontested as the number one team on the planet. 

2. Na`vi

An arguable position but even though Na`Vi faltered against Luminosity at Katowice and Starladder they still maintain an advantage in the head to head.

While always being a strong team Na`Vi have never once looked like a contender for the #1 team in the world. You have to go all the way back to 2014 to find a match where Na`Vi defeated Fnatic. 

It’s safe to say Na`Vi are much more likely to drop down to the third position than they are to overcoming Fnatic. 

3. Luminosity 

Luminosity broke into the elite tiers in abrupt and surprising manor. Coming into Dreamhack Winter with a sporadic roster change and only 3 days of practice, nobody expected anything from the roster. However, even after a decisive 16-0 loss in their first match against Fnatic, Luminosity recovered and found themselves in the Grand Finals of the first tournament they finally suffered another loss to Fnatic.

Luminosity proved that their success wasn’t a fluke and continued to showcase remarkable performances at Starladder – where they probably should’ve beaten fnatic – Dreamhack Liepzig and IEM Katowice. 

While Na`Vi initially had the upperhand over the matchup Luminosity have been recently been able to overcome their newly found rivals and any more success for them against the CIS team could see them landing in the second place position rather soon. 

4. Astralis 

Astralis, consistently disappointing. The Danish powerhouse should be contending for the world #1, they have the map pool, the strategy and the talent; yet time and time again they continue to disappoint and fail to reach the position which so many feel they deserve. 

Astralis have previously overcome their choking tendencies which saw them securing several championships over the strongest team in Counter Strike, Fnatic, so it is only logical to expect them capable of doing so yet again in due time.

5. EnVyUs

Most would reserve the 4th position for the French super stars but honestly I have an incredibly hard time justifying a 5th place position. The only reasons I rate them this highly is because of their previous success, their explosive ability and the simple fact that other teams haven’t shown they’re good enough to be rated higher. 

EnVyUs are in free fall; they’ve collapsed since they saw success at Dreamhack Cluj Napoca. And with all the internal team issues the roster is potentially on the verge of collapsing entirely. 

EnVyUs have the raw talent to reclaim the number one position but they need to overcome their motivational and team issues. 

6. Dignitas 

More has to be seen from this Dignitas lineup but prior to the Major Qualifiers they did show great potential defeating the likes of EnVyUs, Virtus Pro and mousesports. 

The roster brings a welcomed tactical approach combined with star performance from players such as kjaerbye and k0nfig but their recent woes leave their position in the rankings rather fragile. 

Dignitas will need to recover quickly after their humiliation at the Major Qualifier to maintain their spot on these rankings.

7. CLG – Nope, just kidding.

CLG have absolutely no place this high on the ranking and it’s ridiculously inexplicable how anybody could rate them so highly. They don’t have the accomplishments, haven’t shown the potential and don’t have a star studded lineup. Virtus Pro are the owners of this spot. 

7. Virtus Pro


Virtus Pro have been struggling to find decent placements for months now and with their appalling online performance it’s a wonder they haven’t fallen down the rankings any lower. 

Snax, previously being VP’s strongest performer has been surprisingly bad lately with Byali showing no signs of growth in nearly two years. While the initial switch of AWPs saw NEO regaining some life his recent performance hasn’t been too inspiring. Pasza has also struggled to find respectable form.

With roomers of impending roster changes this Virtus roster is liekly on it’s last whims. Let’s all hope for a rejuvenated plough because a Counter Strike scene with these Polish legends competing at the top would be incredibly disappointing. 

8. Mousesports 

These last few placements are incredibly subjective and entirely open to debate but I’d personally give mousesports the 8th position. 

They’re a team full of talent, especially Niko who is currently playing at a superstar level, and mousesports as a team have given us some pretty inspiring performances. 

While their victory at the Acer Predator Masters makes them candidates for the 8th position, their incredible, hearth breaking showing at IEM Katowice secures it for me. Their a team chock full of potential. 

9. G2 Esports

Another ranking that’s highly debatable but personally I think G2 have done enough to secure themselves the 9th position. 

A team full to the brim with incredible star power talent and what should be amazing leadership from Ex6TenZ likely should be contesting for a much higher position on the ranking but the team have struggled to put up the results necessary to climb the rankings. 

G2’s victory over Astralis at ESL Expo Barcelona and their tightly fought matches against them everywhere else helps secure them this fragile position on my rankings. 

10. FaZe Clan

Faze were incredible at Dreamhack Cluj Napoca but since the departure of Dennis they’ve struggled to give fans anything to hope for. 

When the initial Kinguin lineup was formed the roster was touted as a team filled with incredible individual talent without the necessary leadership. While the roster still lacks leadership they’ve also lost talent. Faze’s individual players have struggled to put up the performances expect of them and as a result, FaZe as a team has struggled to acquire the results their fans surely hope for them. 

Personally I don’t believe this FaZe roster has much hope of climbing up the ranking. As a team they need leadership, they need somebody who can control talented the players, set up strategies and give the team an identity. 

Additional notes: 

Ninjas In Pyjamas, Liquid, Tempostorm and perhaps even Gambit Gaming are all sufficient candidates and close contenders.

These rankings are subjective by nature, everybody will have their opinion and bias. The only thing that’s requested is that you support your opinion with an explanation and reasoning so you don’t start claiming CLG are a top 7 team based on no achievements.