How to get the Damascus Gate Prison Gear Chest in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

There is a way to open that gate.

Basim perches on a beam, looking at a white stone prison while dust blows through.
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In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, once you’ve finally completed the Prologue and become an initiate of the Hidden Ones, you’ll find yourself back in Baghdad, just outside the city—and eventually, you’ll stumble upon the Damascus Gate Prison Gear Chest.

Assuming you head straight to the city, you’ll enter through the Qutrabbul Gate, which leads into the district of Harbiyah. South of the gate, across the river, is the Damascus Gate Prison. If you’ve been snooping around, you’ll have noticed a Gear Chest close to its front entrance.

But the Gear Chest is in a small enclosed area under a bridge. On one side, there’s a fence, and on the other, a gate barred from the inside. Here’s how you open that gate and get the Damascus Gate Prison Gear Chest.

How to unlock the Damascus Prison Gear Chest gate

So, getting this Gear Chest is tricky for two reasons: Firstly, it’s not obvious how to open that gate, and secondly, the Damascus Gate Prison is a restricted area patrolled by many guards.

Basim assassinating a guard
This guard should have looked down more. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Before starting, ensure you have at least one throwing knife in your inventory. Approach the prison from the front on the left side. Grab onto the wall as the guard patrolling on top of it walks past and assassinate him. You should be able to do this without any other guards spotting you in the act. I managed, anyway.

Basim and a guard in a cloud of red spice
And this guard should have looked where he was swinging. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Next, climb onto the wall. In the gap below, two guards stand close to a large sack of red spice. I got lucky here, but you’ll likely have the same good fortune. I assassinated the guard standing furthest from the sack first, and then when the other guard swung at me, he burst open the sack, blinding himself. He was then straightforward to kill. Try and do the same. Whatever happens, you need to kill these two guards, ideally without attracting more.

Basim throwing a knife at a locked gate
Ah, the ol’ “shoot the lock through a hole in the wall” trick. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Now, you can approach the fence between you and the Gear Chest undisturbed. Unlock the gate by throwing a knife through the hole in the fence and hitting the bar on the gate. Ensure your targeting reticle is red before throwing the knife. Otherwise, it’ll hit the fence, and the knife will be wasted.

How to reach the Damascus Gate Prison Gear Chest

Now, you have to go back out the way you came and head over to the other side of the front gate. On this side, there are two guards on the wall and one on the ground. You only need to assassinate one of the guards on the wall (the one patrolling closest to the front gate). I snuck up on him while his buddy looked away, and he was walking back towards the front gate. The lone guard on the ground is then a straightforward kill.

Basim opening a Gear Chest
This sword has a damage bonus immediately following a dodge. Screenshot by Dot Esports

What’s inside the Damascus Gate Prison Gear Chest?

The complete Zanj set in AC Mirage including the sword. dagger. and outfit.
Screengrab via Attack of the Fanboy

Now you can open the gate and the Gear Chest, which contains the Zanj Uprising Sword, a powerful weapon if your fighting style emphasizes dodging over parrying. The sword has an ability that reads, “After a perfect dodge, the next attack deals +50% damage.” For those who lean on dodging rather than parrying, this sword could improve your stomping power. If you find yourself getting into fights with several guards, this sword could significantly increase your chances of survival outside of staying out of combat.


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