World’s Edge returns to Apex Legends’ map rotation without the rocket in Launch Site

The clock ran out on Olympus' two-week monopoly.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players can return to World’s Edge starting today. The battle royale’s second map is back in the map rotation, sharing the spotlight with the new arena, Olympus.

The latest season didn’t bring any major adjustments to World’s Edge, but there’s one minor difference: the rocket in Launch Site has disappeared after it moved to Olympus and became a POI called Arcadia Supercarrier.

Apex‘s second arena saw a significant overhaul during season six with the addition of three new areas: Countdown, Staging, and Launch Site—all built by the fictional Hammond Robotics, which played a vital role in securing Olympus as the next arena in the Apex universe.

Season six also removed one of the most characteristic landmarks of World’s Edge. The train that roamed around the map was decommissioned to open up more passageways and rotation paths along the arena. Its remains are spread out in small “train towns” and work as a small cover and possible loot location, particularly inside the tunnels.

The return of World’s Edge comes after Olympus’ two-week exclusivity period at the beginning of season seven. The measure gives all players a chance to learn the ins and outs of the map, from its numerous marked areas to sneaky passageways and stealthy cut-throughs—and this has become a custom in Apex after each new arena or map update.

Rotation timers will follow the past season’s pattern, with World’s Edge and Olympus alternating between every 90 to 120 minutes. Players who want to force their way into the new map can take advantage of the first competitive split in season seven, which takes place exclusively on Olympus.

Olympus’ arrival removed Kings Canyon from the map rotation completely and players can’t access the titular arena anymore, even in competitive game modes. Respawn said the map “will be out of the rotation this season will return at a later date,” presumably during season eight.