Who is leaked legend Caliber in Apex Legends? Rumors, abilities, and more

He's anyone's guess at this point.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The line to make it into Apex Legends is a long one, and the date leak that highlighted all the upcoming legends to the game is proof of that. Caliber can look just like one character out of many, but he has an exciting kit that could shape the metagame.

At the time of writing, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t commented on Caliber or any of the leaked legends. All the available information regarding them came through leaks.

Caliber’s lore

The leaks haven’t revealed much about Caliber’s detailed lore. He’s Apex’s arms supplier, meaning he must have been closely following the competition and might have a decent idea how he’d like to play.

Caliber’s abilities in Apex Legends

Passive — Weapon SlingWeapon Sling allows Caliber to carry a third weapon
Tactical — Suppressor TurretCaliber deploys a turret with a copy of his active weapon
Ultimate — Auto LoaderPlace an ammo box that feeds ammunition to nearby players’ active weapons

Caliber’s kit shows that he’s unlikely to have any ammo or arsenal troubles. If he gets his hands on a powerful weapon, the Suppressor Turret can turn into a deadly threat for his enemies. Considering Caliber is still under development, however, these abilities can change completely or can get tweaked before his release.

When will Caliber release in Apex Legends?

Caliber’s release date hasn’t been disclosed to the public, and it wasn’t included in the leaks. Respawn generally starts dropping hints as a season comes to an end which should be helpful when it comes to guessing the next legend.

With so many names on the list, Caliber may not see the light of day for at least a year, or he might just luck out and release with the next season.

Keep an eye on the official Apex Legends’ Twitter account and the battle royale’s community hubs so you can be one of the first players to know about the future legends.