Who is Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile?

Are you ready to rock, legends?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

When Apex Legends Mobile first launched, Respawn committed to releasing “mobile-first” legends and experiences, ensuring that the mobile version of the popular battle royale remained separate from its console and PC counterpart. The devs made good on that promise when they released Fade, the game’s first mobile-exclusive legend. So far, Fade has not come to the PC and console version of Apex Legends yet, setting the stage for future mobile-only legends.

Rhapsody is another example of the team’s focus on giving mobile users unique and separate experiences. This new legend arrived alongside Apex Legends Mobile‘s second season, Distortion, on July 12, and she’s sure to shake up the arena in new and unexpected ways.

Rhapsody’s background and lore

Rhapsody is set to be a playable character in Apex Legends Mobile. In the Distortion launch trailer, it was revealed that she’s a DJ who loves music and beats. She’s accompanied by Rowdy, an AI-controlled robot that assists her in battle. Her abilities are, accordingly, music-themed.

Rhapsody hails from the city of Kómma on Solace. Like Hammond on some of the Outlands’ planets, the tech company Pythas Inc. controls every aspect of life in Kómma. Rhapsody’s mother, an AI engineer, worked for Pythas until she discovered dangerous company secrets and was fired for it. She and Rhapsody were relocated to Neon Dunes, a seedy nightlife district, and Pythas put them in debt. It was there that Rhapsody became one of the city’s brightest musical stars.

After receiving an invitation to perform in the wealthier side of Neon Dunes, Rhapsody took the opportunity to install a virus created by her mother that promised to wipe away all of the supposed debt. Instead of deleting the debt, it corrupted all of the finances in Neon Dunes. To prevent Pythas from destroying her family in retaliation, Rhapsody agreed to compete in the Apex Games as a “sponsor” for the company. Her true goal is to make enough money to buy her family out of the false debts Pythas has buried them in.

Rhapsody’s abilities

Unsurprisingly, Rhapsody’s abilities all revolve around her musical acumen. Her passive, Gifted Ear, enables her to hear sounds from farther away than other legends. It also gives her a visual indication of sounds and their directions, enabling her to track distant noises more easily. Her tactical ability, Hype Anthem, is reminiscent of Lucio from Overwatch. When activated, it plays a music track that increases nearby squadmates’ movement speed and recharges their shields. If Rhapsody takes damage while Hype Anthem is active, its effects will instantly end.

Her ultimate ability, Rowdy’s Rave, provides protection against sight and tracking. When activated, Rowdy puts up a wall of light that blocks enemy sightlines and scans, like Bloodhound’s tactical. This cover allows Rhapsody and her team to get the jump on enemies or take cover from a team that’s pursuing them.

Rhapsody and Distortion are live now in Apex Legends Mobile.