White Raven locations in World’s Edge for Bloodhound’s Chronicles

You knew nothing.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Some gamers pick their favorite games based on their mechanics, while others focus on the story. Apex Legends has both, though, and Respawn Entertainment introduced a new way to allow players to learn more about their favorite characters.

The Old Ways, New Dawn event comes bundled with Apex Chronicles, and the story-based event will take players on a journey. To start Bloodhound’s Chronicles, you’ll need to be playing as them. Completing this challenge won’t be possible in ranked matches, meaning you’ll need to queue for a non-ranked, normal match in World’s Edge.

Once you load into a non-ranked match in World’s Edge with Bloodhound, you’ll need to find a White Raven, which will trigger the challenges.

The White Raven locations can be seen in the images below which were prepared by Shrugtal, a popular Apex leaker. Picking up one of these White Ravens will only mark the beginning of your journey, and you’ll start unlocking chapters. 

Considering you’ll be looking to complete these challenges in non-ranked games, you won’t lose any of your progression if you happen to get sent to the main lobby. Despite being a new concept, Bloodhound’s Chronicles look like a decent addition to the game’s narrative, and more legends should follow their lead if the majority of the player base finds this event interesting enough.

Correction Oct. 1 4:50am CT: This article previously referred to Bloodhound as the gender-specific he/him. Bloodhound is non-binary, and their pronouns have been corrected. We apologize for the error.

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