When will Apex Legends season 7 end?

It's likely to be around for at least the rest of this year.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

On Nov. 4, tons of new content including the latest map Olympus, legend Horizon, a new battle pass, and meta changes were added in Apex Legends for the latest season.

Similar to the previous one, season 7’s battle pass features 110 tiers to complete. On top of daily challenges, weekly challenges will be added all through the season to earn XP and battle pass tiers, including exclusive rewards and numerous items.

Olympus has also become the only playable map on ranked mode. It will rotate over the weeks, giving way to the other maps. More events can also be expected during the season, like one on the theme of the holiday season.

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When will Apex Legends season 7 end?

Respawn Entertainment has yet to reveal the official end date of Apex Legends‘ season seven, but the battle pass calendar gives players a hint at when this may be.

There will be rotating challenges for 11 weeks in total, the last set of challenges unlocking in 10 weeks, 5 days, that is on Jan. 20, 2021. It likely means that the season will end around this date.

It won’t necessarily end exactly one week after the last set of weekly challenges are unlocked, because it wasn’t the case for the previous season. The players only had a few days to complete the last set of challenges to earn more XP and battle pass levels.